Friday, December 26, 2008

The Puzzle Of Happiness 1 (^_^)


Feels like typing. Though i failed to meet my expectation on my academic result but i just dunno why i felt more motivated and presumably more happy than ever. My parent seems sad about my performance but still they pat on my back n said try again this semester n let bygones be bygones. So my puzzle of happiness revolts around my imagination, my close friends, my even closer friend (1 only), my computer and the television. But now the happiness in me is brimming out brightly as it never was. I remembered myself 1-2 years back as a dull, gloomy, fake person with fake smile and fake laughter, like an actor on a stage. But the stage is set on the stage of life not a comedian, not a romeo and juliet fiction. But atlast now im able to smile, laugh truthfully, honestly without acting in this stage of life.